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Genders along with nouns



I’m learning Icelandic with Drops and I’m a German native speaker having previously learnt Spanish and French. Thus I know how painful it is to learn the gender of each individual noun and how important it is for many grammatical aspects.
I love Drops to learn vocabulary but currently, I have to look up each Icelandic noun in a dictionary to find out its gender, if it’s strong or weak and its subclass. Then I have to use a notebook or a different vocabulary app to learn those words and then I might just learn them there anyway.
If you favor a sleek design, maybe make the display of the gender (in the relevant languages) optional.
But it’d really streamline my vocabulary learning process if I only needed Drops.

What do you think?


Hi @Fiona_Marie,

Thanks for playing Drops and sending us constructive feedback!

We always try to improve the app and the content, and we’re aware of the need of genders to relevant languages. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a time estimate when a solution will be released, but the request is definitely heard, and is on our radar!


@ The Drops Support Team


In case you are not aware. Danish too needs this desperately.