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Furigana + statistics

Hi, I’m trying to learn Japanese with app and I’m liking it very much, I’m also considering buying the yearly premium subscription after the finals so think you for this great app!

I’d like to suggest adding furigana with the kanji + kana option instead of romaji because it would help more and it’ll be more useful, I really want to start memorising kanji with this app but it’s very hard without knowing how to pronounce them, I don’t think it would be that much work because you already have the kana for it.

I’d also suggest adding more statistics, see anki flashcards app for example, a lot of useful statistics that would make feel their progress.


Hi @kuhaku,

Thanks for playing Drops, we’re happy to hear you like it!

We’re aware of the need for furigana

and working on it to make this happen! :slight_smile:

I can’t give you a time estimate when furigana and advanced statistics will be released, but please stay tuned!


@ The Drops Support Team

This is exactly what I was going to ask to the Drops comunity also. Thank you for asking and thank you Drops for hopfully adding this feature very soon! Also another suggestion to Drops would be the option for the english definition of the word with the picture. Sometimes I can’t remember what the picture is. So in the end I only memorize the Japanese to the picture and not the japanese to the meaning.

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Hi @Isosceles_Miller,

If you tap on the illustration in a mini game, the meaning will be displayed in the native language you have set in the Profile menu.


@ The Drops Support Team

Dear @kuhaku,
Thanks for posting this feature request.
I fully support your wish for more detailed statistics.