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Furigana request


Instead of the romanized aid could you add an option to show the hiragana. That way you could have the kanji and the hiragana below it. Even better would be if the hiragana was only shown when you tapped the kanji triggering the audio to play again and the hiragana to display below the kanji.
Thanks Mark.


Hey Mark,

Thanks for playing Drops and sharing your suggestion!

We constantly work hard on refining the app, and constructive feedback like yours can help us a lot to improve. Your idea is on the radar, we’ll discuss it with the team, and we’ll see what we can do.

Again, thank you!


@ The Drops Support Team


I heartily second this request! That would help with learning so much!


Yes! Furigana would be amazing! I’ve been using Drops with the polyglot plan for like half a year and this is probably the number one thing I wish Japanese had.


Furigana would definitely help me a lot more. Sometimes the syllables are hard to hear and checking proper spelling via the hiragana side is bit if a chore.

Furigana for Japanese

Hi All,

We are working hard on making it come true. I can’t give you a time estimate when furigana will be available in the app, but please stay tuned! :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team


I also am happily awaiting this request. I already memorized Hiragana and Katakana years ago, but there are new words that I’m trying to learn with your application. Learning using actual Kanji (with Furigana) rather than simply showing the Hiragana would help me better remember the words by remembering the component meanings contained within the Kanji rather than just the sounds. Thanks for all your hard work!


Same here

Furigana -or better- swapping from kanji+kana to hiragana when tapping on text would be of tremendous help.



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I’m very happy with Drops but the lack of a furigana option is one thing that’s holding me back from a paid subscription since this feature is basicly a must when it comes to understanding japanese, especially kanji.

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