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Food - More Silly Words and Another Error

In the restaurant section you write menu as เมนู, which is fine. But, the audio says “บัตรเมนู” which I’ve never heard anyone use. Plus, it’s confusing when the audio doesn’t match the written Thai. How do these errors get by your quality control team?

The food sections contain more silly words that someone living in Thailand and/or talking to a Thai speaker would rarely, if ever, use. For example:

Chips and dip
Candy cane
Caramel apple

Anyway, the Thai for most of these words is simply borrowed from English. The word you use for brioche (ขนมปัง - butter bread) is in no dictionary I’ve tried. My Thai wife has never heard that word used and would, instead, use the word “brioche”.

Where did these words you’re teaching come from? There are many sources on the Internet where you can find lists of the most common and/or most useful Thai words. I can assure that quinoa and bagel are on none of them.


I think this is the word for bread

Right, the word Drops uses for Brioche is: ขนมปังเนย

My paste in the OP didn’t catch the เนย (butter).

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The word selection for the module seem to be generic and are the same for many languages

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