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Family Learning

Wife and I have been using the app for a couple weeks now and wanted to get the lifetime subscription. Unlike most of my purchases in Google play, this one refuses to show in Google Family Library; so after all the money spent for a lifetime subscription, my wife still cannot access premium content with me. How do we learn as a family without giving over an exorbitant amount of cash?

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I have the same question!
I have 3 kids and want to use Drops on Family subscription but looks like it’s not possible.

Can you give us feedback on using Drops via Android family subscription plan?

I spoke with the Drops team. Family subscription has been discussed, but they have not committed to the idea yet.

@Evgeny_Smirnov currently neither Apple nor Google support family sharing for In-App Purchase products - you can find more detailed information about this here:




@Gungnir333 is right, we are discussing a possible solution to have a family plan for Drops in the future.