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Extract vocabulary list

Hi everyone!
I discovered Drops some time ago, and have started using it for a month for (probably too many) some languages. Almost everything works fine, and the community already requested all things I could think about. Except for this, if I searched well enough.
I am learning vocabulary basics in a lot of languages. A good way to me to get better at languages is to think directly in it. And a very good idea I found somewhere is, when you learn a new word in a new language, to translate it, not in your native language, but in another one you’re learning or you’re getting fluent in.
From there, I had the idea to make/print tables for each topic, with vocabulary images in a way, and the different languages words in the other way. So that I could cross refer to words between languages (for instance, I go quicker in some than others, and then find the same words later in a new language).
But I can’t seem to find a way to extract a vocabulary/images list from the different topics.
I am using free version of drops, but I didn’t see anything like that in premium version either. That could be a nice “plus” feature, making it quite interesting!
Let me know if this could benefit to others and could be an option for future updates ! :slight_smile:

Dear @Manu,
I doubt whether Drops will ever offer users the ability to extract a vocabulary/images list, like you are requesting. Copy cats of Drops would pop up in no time all over the net.

Good point… Anyway, this is doable by oneself by hand, especially with premium functiunnalities, but it indeed might “kill the business”, and make useless the fact that you need premium to work on previous topics again.
Thanks for the answer anyway, and if someone can find a nicer way for everyone to do something similar, that would be great :slight_smile: (like some cross-language work, at least for premium users?)