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Esperanto Question


I’m learning Esperanto on language drops on my cell phone. So far the program is only teaching me words and numbers and no phrases or sentences. My question is? Is the program gonna teach me phrases and sentences? I need to get a feel for how they speak to each other. So this is very important. I was just hoping the course got better than this that is all. Can someone answer my question please?


I am using Drops to review the Esperanto I am learning using with Duolingo. I hope this app leads to EO conversation as well. So far they both look like a good team of apps to use.


Hi @Joey_L,
Hi @Paulo,

Thanks for playing Drops! Sorry for the delay of the response here.

We do understand the need for sentences and conversation, but we built the app mainly to encourage users to learn a wide variety of words in a foreign language.

We believe, Drops is a great complementary tool as it provides a building block for learners to enhance their vocabulary.


@ The Drops Support Team


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