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Errors in topic pronouns - mentioned before but not addressed in latest upgrade


her - ona
it - to
its - to jest

her - jej (btw, in the same list, ona is correctly used for she)

it - ono (the image is the personal pronoun it, not the demonstrative pronoun it)

its - jego (the image is the possessive pronoun its. In English it’s - it apostrophe s - is not possessive. It apostrophe s = it is, which could be translated as to jest = it /this is)

your - twoje
is not wrong, but you’ve used the masculine singular form for my - mój. For consistency your - twój

For reference (first 3 persons)

ja - I
ty - you (sg)
on/ ona/ ono (m/ f/ n) - he/ she/ it

mój/ moja/ moje
twój/ twoja/ twoje
jego/ jej/ jego - his/ hers/ its

ten/ ta/ to (m/ f/ n) - this, these
tamten/ tamta/ tamto - that, those