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Errors in Thai drops


Thanks, looking forward to the update! Just FYI the Thai spelling of ‘Christianity’ is off.


The Thai vowels below symbols are being cut off.
I can only see the top of U UU etc…

Please note, I am using a Samsung S7 edge. Thank you
PS if this is fixed, i am very willing to purchase this product. I absolutely love the concept. Well done.



The voice says “khaw khoat” but the text says kh(kaaw) which is fine, untill it says something else, but the text remains the same. This also becomes very confusing, when you have to pair several, with the same text


Hi @Jens_Crom_Rivenes,

We have released a content update for the Thai language recently. Can you please confirm if you use the latest version of the app? You can check the version number by scrolling down the Profile menu.


@ The Drops Support Team


After an auto update, it actually got worse. Then aftèr reading your reply, i found there was another update. My version is now 30.15.0. I also restarted everything, but it’s still the same error. This happens al the time in consonants, where you get the option, for instance, th(thaaw) for several different letters. But she says more then that. I also wonder if choosing the right one, from the lettering, can still give an error, since you dont know the whole wording.

I also decided to try computers, and from the start, she says something, and the wording is completely different.


Hi @Jens_Crom_Rivenes,

Thanks for the feedback, I’m sorry to hear the update made it even worse! :frowning:

I have forwarded your constructive criticism to our content team, and we’re now working on to fix the Thai content, as soon as possible! Please, stay tuned!

We appreciate your patience!


@ The Drops Support Team


The problem seems to be that the transliteration is only showing half or only the first word.
As for how you got the vowels so wrong I have no idea.
This seems to have been a fault for quite a while now, how about fixing it so that it we are getting what we paid for


Hi @Outboard,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for any error and inconvenience!

Can you please confirm you still experience the same issues on Drops version 30.22.4?

If yes, please send us a message (with screenshots if possible) from the app’s Help section, referring to #269 and we’ll make sure to correct all mistakes!


@ The Drops Support Team


Hi Gina, no the problem still exists you can see in the word list an example of the problem

In this screenshot you can see the second and third letters have the same transliteration and the 4th,5th &6th have the same. Thai letters all have 2 word names and the app is only displaying the transliteration for one of those 2 words


One thing that baffles me is the way the Thai words are broken up in the spelling pages. See the screen shot. Instead of ไม่ and ใช่ you have ไม่ใ and ช่. This doesn’t make much sense to me. Why not cluster the Thai characters as actual morphemes instead of at random?


I got this one wrong. How is that possible?


Why are you teaching obsolete characters. Modern Thai keyboards don’t even include this old, never used character.