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Errors in Tagalog pronounciation sound files?


I’m doing the first City lesson on the Tagalog track, and two of the words don’t seem to fit in. The pronunciation is done by a different person, and it sounds completely different than the word shown on the screen. The two words are “menteryo” (cemetery) and “daanan sa pagtawid” (crosswalk). The words when pronounced by the app sound like “cemetrayo” and “to-iran”, respectively.



Thanks for choosing Drops to learn Tagalog! We’re sorry for any glitch and inconvenience!

We’ll make sure to take a closer look at the words you reported above, and correct them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a time estimate when the fixed version will be released, but we always work hard on refining and improving the app and the content.

We appreciate your patience and your help to make Drops better!


@ The Drops Support Team


I’ve encountered the same error. It sounds like the audio from the Italian version of this app is being used instead of tagalog.


I’m getting the same issue. Please fix.


The Filipino app might have a placeholder word for muffin because the pronunciation sounds like photo. EDIT: Might be saying puto.


Hi All,

Thanks for playing Drops!

We have released a new feature, which makes it easier to report an error like the ones you unfortunately run into, directly from the app. Please find the little flag icon in the bottom left corner after a word is introduced.

We keep working on correcting any mistake, and appreciate your help to make Drops better!


@ The Drops Support Team