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Errors in Spanish and suggestions overall


  1. “Ella” means she, not “her” in Spanish
  2. a lot of the verbs have the pronoun YO but then others don’t (inconsistency)
  3. there’s two different words for pancakes shown but I’ve never seen “hotcakes” used in Spanish as it’s used here. Maybe it’s better to stick with just “panqueques”
  4. the picture for panecillo looks like a croissant rather than what seems its supposed to be
  5. it might be easier to understand the ethnic pictures if their flag was incorporated into the image. Maybe, to be more culturally sensitive, the image should be the same as those used for the countries but with an addition of a people icon.

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for playing Drops, and taking the time to send us your detailed feedback, we really appreciate it!

We constantly work hard on improving the content, and your suggestions can help us a lot to make Drops better!


@ The Drops Support Team

Hi @Elizabeth_Wood,

Just wanted to let you know here, that we’ve received the reports you’ve sent to us in private messages.

We’ll definitely have the translator / proofreader double check the words you called our attention to, and make sure to correct them, as soon as possible!

We appreciate you take the time to help us to refine and improve the content in Drops!


@ The Drops Support Team

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The first point has still not been corrected. The translation of “her” in Spanish is “su” (as the translation of “his” and “their”). “Ella” only translate to “she”.