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Errors in German words

I found the following errors:

  1. die Ärmel (the drawing depicts only one arm)
    Correct: der Ärmel
  2. der Strümpfe: the voice says “die Socken”
    Either the voice or the title should be corrected.

It is not a good idea to learn the plural form of nouns with the plural article “die” which hides the real article of the singular form. You may find a list of the concerned words below:

  • die Kinder (suggestion: das Kind)
  • die Handschuhe (suggestion: der Handschuh)
  • die Hausschuhe (suggestion: der Hausschuh)
  • die Strümpfe (suggestion: der Strumpf)
  • die Socken (suggestion: die Socke)
  • die Sandalen (suggestion: die Sandale)