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Errors in French

The app seems to be giving “il” and “sa” for a lot of different pronouns.

il = it and he

sa = her and his

I will appreciate any feedback



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@ The Drops Support Team

The case of the “sa” is the same, as we already had in italian in an earlier thread. It is correct the way it is in the app:

This is her car = C’est sa voiture. (because voiture is female, la voiture)
This is his car = C’est sa voiture.
This is her brother = C’est son frère (because the brother is male, le frère)
This is his brother = C’est son frere.

In these languages his and her refer to the “object” you are pointing at/talking about, and not at the subject which is pointing at something/talking about something.

Same case with “il” and “it” - a bit different though: There is no (neuter) “it” in French at all…
It is either male or female. Period :wink:


This is correct and normal. If asked about the weather, to say “It is nice” you would say, “Il fait beau” which is literally ‘he makes good’ but it means that the weather is good. There’s other things that don’t translate literally. In English “I am x years” in French it’s the verb to have “J’ai x ans”. There are also words that resemble others but mean different things, like “actuellement” means “presently / currently” not actually which would be “vraiment” meaning “truly”

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Excuse me, but why was the color “brun” replaced for “marron”? Do the French use it more often? I dont like naming colors after fruits or whatever… :thinking: Thanks for the answer, Lucie (CZ)

interesting question - there are a couple of words for “brown” in french, depending of the shade of it. “Brun” is dark brown color. “marron” is less brown, but brown as well. It also depends on the object. Your sun tanned skin for example is not “brune” or “marron” but “bronzée”. So “marron” is neither right, nor wrong.
Using “marron”, pay attention to the pronounciation :wink: There is also the word “marrant”, which means funny.


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