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Errors in Brazilian Portuguese


Loving this app so much!

Just wanted to mention a few errors that I’ve seen and heard:

In Pastries, “a baguete” is not said as “a baguete.” Something to do with teeth instead??

In Camping (I think), “fogueira” has a “da” in front of it.

In Festivals, Mother’s Day is “dia da mae,” with no article in front of it. As well, the speaker seems to be saying “a dia das maes,”


Also, in Pastries, “a assadeira” is pronounced…“a baguete.”


Hi @SinnieH,

Thanks for playing Drops, and sending us all your findings!

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Thanks! A couple others I saw:

In Shapes, an oval is “forma oval,” though no other shapes have “forma” in front of them.

Also in Shapes, octagon is not in Portuguese. It’s just listed as “octagon” when it seems it should be “o octogono.”


So far so good. Like to learn :+1:t3:, but I found a error :

This means not ‘americano’. Please fix it :wink:


In portuguese, clove is “cravo da índia”


Continuing the discussion from Errors in Brazilian Portuguese:

In Brazilian Portuguese, da fogueira instead of a fogueira (reported above) is still a mistake. Which makes me wonder how many other errors am I learning by heart every day?



I like very much the app to learn new vocabulary… I’m using it 2x per day… I just found 1 mistake til now…
In “Pesca e Caça” the “Der Schwimmer” it’s translate as Barco… but the correct it’s “Boia”.

I check it again on dictionary

Just to be clear “Nadador” means the person who swims and “boia” the thing used in the fishing rod.



Hi! Im learning this language but as far as I know this, I think I found an issue. Im a spanish speaker
Dele = su (property)
Dela = ella (noun)
So its kind of confusing.

But the real anwer is:
Dele = su / de él (property)
Dela = su / de ella (propety)
So it makes more sense with
Ele = él (noun)
Ela = ella (noun)