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Error report on French Pronouns

I’d like to report an error for the French part in the Pronouns sections.
It is showing a picture of a woman and is written Sa, but the voice pronounces Son.
As well, for a different word it shows a man holding something, but is written Sa, and the voice pronounces Sa.


+1, it also seems “sa” and “son” have been switched as the pronounced “son” shows a picture of a woman.
On the other hand it is difficult to learn “sa” and “son” without having the context who it refers to. In English his and her refer to the subject (“his brother” if it is a male subject) whereas in French it refers to the gender of the referred object (“elle est sa soeur” - “she is his sister”, could also be “she is her sister”).

I’m seeing this too. The pronoun section seems to have some errors. In another app I learned that “he=il” & she=elle". Hm?

Closing this thread here and adding the posts to

so we have all thoughts on this in one place.