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Error in translation : Pronouns

Hello, I believe I have found some errors in the pronouns section.

1.[Image: woman holding object]
Error: “Ona” = “her”(possesive)
Correction: “jej”=“her”

2.[Image: arrow poing to a bear, “to”]
Error: “to”= “it”
correction: “oni” = “it” ( also not a bear)
I find this misleading. While “to” can be any object , I believe you are looking for a neuter, inanimate object. Maybe you do want a masculine nonpersonal animate as is the case here but looking at error 3, I do believe you want the neuter. Therefore, using also the bear image is incorrect.

3.[Image: bear holding object]
Error: “To jest” = “its”
Correction: “jego” = “its”
“To jest” = “It is” or “It’s”
“Its” is not the same as “it’s” and is a common English language error.
The picture clearly shows possession so it should be “tego”= “its”. However, as I stated in 2, a bear is a masculine noun. “Tego” still would be correct just not what you were trying to show.

Please correct these. Thanks.

p.s. what is the image suppose to be for “I call”/“Ja dzwonię” ? I assume it is a woman on a telephone but I can’t tell by that image.

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Oops correction.