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Error in the audio of a word


Hello there! I’m Brazilian, trying to learn French and found an error in the word “la lessive”, the audio cuts the sound before the word is fully spoken, cannot learn the pronounce.


Hi @Thalles_Ferreira,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for any error or inconvenience!

We’ll double check the word you called our attention to, and make sure to correct the sound file if necessary, as soon as possible!


@ The Drops Support Team


Hello, I’ve found some errors in audios:
In “la cage de transport pour animaux” we can hear …la cage de transport d’animaux…
In “je passe le serpillere” there is sound …je nettoie…
In “le four micro-onde” the sound is …le four á micro-onde…
In “je repasse” the sound is weird, i cant hear letter R well.
In "la lessive " Very bad sound
In “le briquet” little bad sound
In “faire du kayak” we can hear just …le kayak…
:slight_smile: It’d be great to fix it. Thanks, Lucie, Czech Rep.


Thank you @Lucie_Spackova_Elfin, we really appreciate your detailed feedback, and working on improvements!

We have just released a new feature, which makes it easier to report an error, directly from the app.
Please find the little flag icon in the bottom left corner after a word is introduced!


@ The Drops Support Team