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Error in Latin-American Spanish audio

I could be wrong but the word the Spanish speaker is saying for “toallitas” sounds more like “tortillas” in the phase: Las toallitas para bebé (baby wipes) in the category More Baby. Please check it and let me know if I’m wrong. The audio is normally so perfect and I’ve done 100’s of words and have never noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Hi @frank479,

Thanks for learning words with Drops, and sharing your thoughts!

I just listened to the word “las toallitas para bebé”, the pronunciation does not sound “tortillas” to me, it clearly says “toallitas”.

Keep playing, and let us know if there’s anything else you think we should double check!


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Hey @frank479,

We’ve received your message

I’m assuming you’re a native speaker. I wonder if this is a “Laurel vs. Yanny” kind of thing. I’ve had some other people since then listen to the same track (including my tutor) and they agree with me. I think it might even depend on the sound source (e.g. iPhone speakers vs. say, computer speakers, for instance). Anyways, thanks for looking into this for me and, btw, I love Drops- it’s so revolutionary!).

and answering here, if you don’t mind.

No, I’m not a native speaker, but I figured it was my bad: I listened to Castilian Spanish while the error is in the Latin-American Spanish. I can hear the “tortillas” there, just as you reported.

We’ll make sure to correct it, as soon as possible, thanks for calling our attention to this! :slight_smile:


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PS I do hear Yanny. :slight_smile:

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I noticed that the audio for “pepper” (el pimiento), in the Spices & Sweets category actually says
el pimenton. Not sure which is correct, but wanted to let you know they don’t seem to match up.

Really enjoying Drops - it is a fantastic way to learn!

Thank You.

Hi @Mike27,

Thanks for playing Drops, we’re happy to hear you enjoy learning new words with us! :slight_smile:

We’ll definitely double check “pepper” and correct the audio if necessary, as soon as possible!


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