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Error in Icelandic


In Icelandic numbers ‘sjötti’ seventh shows a number 6 I have not reach the equivalent for sixth yet!



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Excuse us for the trouble! We’ll take a good look at this issue and fix it asap.

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The error „6.“ still exists … :confused:


I suppose, it is correct: sjöundi is seventh, sjötti is sixth.


Hey All,

We’re sorry this error still persists in the app! Our team works hard on constantly refine the content, but unfortunately, it take time to finish all tasks! Thank you for your patience!

Also, we really appreciate you take the time to report us mistakes and so make Drops better!


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Sjötti is 7.
Am I right? The image is still wrong, isn’t it?


Hi All,

The numbers 6 and 7 are sex and sjö (cardinal), and the images currently show these:

Sjötti and sjöundi would be the ordinals for 6 and 7 (sixth and seventh).

Please let us know if there’s something else we should be aware of!


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Hi there is an error for the word “second (2nd)” The good translation is “annað” and not “sekúnda” as the one that is actually used, it stand for the time notion “second (1min 20sec)”



Google translator erroneously seconds the “sekúnda”
Shouldn’t we use “annar” then as “basic” form?

annar (m)
önnur (f)
annað (n)


Yeah you are right, let’s use “annar”


Hey @axantas,
Hey @jeremy.barbet,

We’ll double check this word with our translator / proofreader and make sure to correct it if necessary, as you suggested.

Thanks for discussing this publicly, and calling our attention!


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I don’t know if it is just in Icelandic or in all languages but at least in Icelandic you guys have tomato under the vegetable category and it’s a fruit :woman_shrugging:t2:


Hi @Koralux,

There’s a famous debate if tomato is a fruit or a vegetable. I can understand why you call our attention to this though.

Let me link an interesting article about how controversial tomato can be:

We’re sorry if our standpoint is against yours in this, we definitely have no intention to question your opinion.


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In category “more computers” one of words spreadsheet is translated into Icelandic as “töflureiknir” which is correct. But the word is pronounced “tölvureiknir” and that is incorrect.


Hi @Karol_Lapka,

Thanks for playing Drops and calling our attention to this!

We’ll check the word and make sure the pronunciation is fixed, as soon as possible!


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I’m currently in Nature and Animals - Outdoor section. There’s a word ”vatnsflaska”, water bottle. In the app, it’s pronounced as ”vasflaska”. So apparently the whole ”tn” disappears.

I tried googling this up but couldn’t find out an answer. So I was just wondering if this really is the case or is it a mistake?


Now I’m im the Nature and Animals - Plants section. There’s a word “spýta” that means “stick”. But when I google it stick is stafur and spýta means to spit.


Hi @Rudeism,

Thanks for playing Drops, and calling our attention to these words!

We’ll double check these with our translators / proofreaders, and make sure to fix them if necessary, as soon as possible!


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There are two identic pics for two different notions: “flensa” and “nefrennsli”!!