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Enhanced Statistics

I would love to have access to more detailed statistics for my practice. Things like:

How many questions did I answer and how many did I miss in my last session?

How many minutes have I practiced today / this week / this month?

What are the words that I have missed, ranked selectively by either most often missed or most recently missed?

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Seconding this request, especially for the “words I missed” idea!

As well, why can we no longer see what percentage we got right in a given session?

Hi @Leroy_Robertson,
Hi @SinnieH,

Thanks for playing Drops and sharing your thoughts with us!

We keep working hard on improving the app, including more detailed data of your performance and progress. I can’t give you a time estimate when new, enhanced statistics will be introduced, but please stay tuned! :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team

Dear @Leroy_Robertson,
Same wish was posted here bu @kuhaku: Furigana + statistics
I share your opinion.

It will be very useful indeed. I can see the progress bar in percentage in the bottom right corner but it does not reveal much. Also regarding the progress bar, sometimes words from other categories pop up. I find that very useful indeed, so as to revise what was learned previously. However does the progress bar proceed as if the word was part of the current topic?

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