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English -> Russian things to fix #1 (dontaylor2)


зажигалка = lighter (not lantern)
lantern = фонарь (not зажигалка)
верёвка (spelling includes ё)
Audio for наушник/наушники needs to be reversed; наушник is singular, e.g. earphone/headphone/headset; наушники is plural, e.g. headphones/earbuds

Some quirks I’ve noticed:
During the spelling exercises, there may be multiple instances of the same letter, e.g. two Д, but only one of them is the “right” one. If I choose the other, it counts as a mistake.

There may be different pictures with the same translation, e.g. two translations of парикмахер.


I wasn’t allowed to post two attachments at once, so here’s more:

Sometimes two closely related ideas show up in the same exercise, making it hard to choose, e.g. снег and идёт снег, дожь and идёт дождь, or солнце and светит солнце. Either there should be easily distinguishable differences in the picture, or the two words/phrases/pics shouldn’t show up together in the same exercise.


Grabbed an example of the multiple letter issue I mentioned above (granted, the example is Hebrew, not Russian, but the issue exists in both versions). The word I’m working on in the picture is אני, so the next letter is נ, and there are two of these shown. I’ve already attempted one, and it was wrong; the second one worked.


Apparently nobody’s reading these, but I’ll keep tacking things on anyway.

орёл is spelled with ё not е.