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English -French - incomplete or literal translation

I have an advanced level of French and using this app for practice. I like that articles (le / la) are included to aid in learning gender, BUT for those learning at a beginner level it is essential that the word “the” appears in the English every time “le / la” is present. As well for professions it would be better presented with both genders example: the director - le directeur / la directrice. New learners would not know that there’s a spellings depending on the person’s gender. As well, under routines some of the phrases are odd, “I wash my face” should be “Je me lave le visage” not the literal translation of “je lave mon visage”.

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In doing the Workplace module, there’s a couple oddities:
traitement de texte - the x is missing and without says “head treatment”

J’écris - this means “I write” not I copy. The image implies copying electronically (?) and so not sure how this supposed to be different from “Je scanne.” Linguee is a great dictionary that provides multiple alternative translations https://www.linguee.com/english-french/translation/i+copy.html

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