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English errorrs

When you translate TIP into Spanish, your picture is about “PROPINA”, Is not about a peak.


Can you please clarify your message a bit @CarlosEnriqueWs, so we can understand your feedback properly? Thank you!

I want to report 3 mistakes in the vocabulary, 3 words doesn’t match the picture with the translation.

Category: restaurant
Tip, must say “la propina”, says: “la punta”. (I think you mistake “top” with “tip”, top is a sinonim of “punta” in Spanish).

Category: shapes
Kite, must say “la cometa”, says: “el deltoideo” (what is a “deltoideo”?

Category: travel
Hiker, must say “el caminante”, says: “el tirón”. I’ve found hiker is a sinonim of “tirón”, but the picture doesn’t match with the verb “tirar” (to pull).

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Thanks for the clarification and calling our attention to all your findings @CarlosEnriqueWs!

We constantly work hard on improving the content, please stay tuned!

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Error on audio of “Shirt” in American English. The App says scarf instead of shirt