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EMAIL-Provider Login / resend Password issue



I used Drops (japanese) a few months (874 Words learned until now) and also purchased an one year subscription.
On my Device A I logged in with my Mail-Address and it showed the whole time “Logged in, Everything OK. My Success will be saved.” in the personal menu.
I dropped Device A a few days ago and the display is working but has now the “permanent spider app” installed :slight_smile:
Today I got Device B. The subscription got restored.
My Problem is with Backing up and restore my Effort/Success.
On Device B it says, that the User does not exists.
I did also:
login with a complete new e-Mail on Device A in drops.
Tried to login with this new e-Mail on Device B - but also it says: User is unknown.
If I try to “resned the password” it says that the user / client id is unknown.
If I try to reregister the E-Mail - it says that this E-Mail is already registered @_@.

Some help would be nice.


Hi @Kagome,

Thanks for playing Drops! Apologies for the late reply, and sorry to hear about the installation of the “permanent spider app” to your old device …

Can you please send us a message from the app’s Help section referring to #1315, and confirm the email address you originally used to log in to Drops?

We’d like to investigate and troubleshoot this unfortunate issue, as soon as possible!

We appreciate your cooperation and patience!


@ The Drops Support Team


Thank you,

I opened a Ticket: 34962.
The provided solution by Gina was to wirte the Mail-address in lower-case only.
The solution worked for me.
I want to share the solution here because my people read a forum or google for a solution before they contact the support…

Thank you again for the provided support.