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East Asian calligraphy

I realized that my last post didn’t have any effect towards the effort I put in let me try to clearify. The strokes used in East Asian writing also known as symbols are shown in the collection drawer. It would be a great benefit to all that the pronunciation is included as well. Trust me i know if you tap on the corresponding word(s) it will say it for you, but how am i supposed to learn how to spell it and examine the details within thoes characters.

I’m speaking to you Drops. No pun intended.
Lots of love


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Dear @Khlaid_Gill,
I fully support your request.
I have been expanding my Chinese vocabulary by using Drops since the beginning of this year and my absolute number one comment to Drops @admin is: “Ensure that the pinyin text is always shown”. The value of showing pinyin to learners who are studying the Chinese characters and memorizing the pronunciation cannot be overrated!
I will keep on using Drops for the coming months, but without having the pinyin everywhere in place by the end of this year, I will seriously doubt about extending my subscription.
Kind regards,