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Drops Subscription unlocks Scripts?

Just to be sure, if a subscribe to the drops beta app “Premium Yearly 39,99€/y”, i also can use the scripts app without any limitations?

  • all languages in drops beta
  • all featutures in language specific drop apps
  • all writings in scripts

of course i’ll use the same google account

That’s correct @bsdev.at, Premium subscription to Drops will unlock Scripts as well.

And yes, you need to use the same Google account.

I bought yearly subscription for Drops (31 languages) at close to 40 EUR (and it says ‘Current plan:Premium’); now discovered Scripts and downloaded (via same Google Play account). Scrpits offers me close to 70 EUR yearly subscription. – Does this make any sense?

Hi @Ma_Kai,

Thanks for giving a try to both Drops and Scripts!

Please, try to log in to Scripts with the same method (email, Facebook or Google) you used when you logged in to Drops!

If you have trouble syncing your subscription between the app, please message us from the Scripts app’s Help section referring to #1200, and send us the receipt of your purchase, and we’ll assist you further!


@ The Drops Support Team

Thank you Gina, I forgot that I am logged-in into Drops, and should apply same login in Scripts as well!
So the syncing of plans does not just happen downloading the different “Drops” via the same Google Play Store account. Alright, looking forward to see what Scripts has to offer (in the Chinese department) beyond the general Drops application!

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