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Drops presentation

Hi developers. I am present your application in my university and need your help. Do you have some documentation about this app, and I present this app. Can you help me and give some advice how start to present it. ) Thank you so much for feedback

Thanks for your interest in Drops @TVOROG!

Not really sure what would you like to use to your presentation - do you have any specific questions about the app?

You can find a bunch of info and articles about Drops here:

Thanks for answering. Do you have more information about drops? I am writing a report and I need at least 4 A4 pages

If you have specific questions @TVOROG we can try to answer them.

Wish me good luck. Tomorrow I will speak at a scientific conference and will submit your application. I’m so excited. Thank you, Daniel for this great app, nice application for learning languages

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