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Drops betrayed me: didn't get my 5 minutes!


I left the ever-appearing special offer sheet open when I finished my five minute lesson this morning.

However, when Drops for iOS invited me via notification for another 5 minutes, after closing the offer, the countdown ran down from 10 hours, as if I already had finished my 5 minutes lesson!
But I didn’t. :flushed:

That’s rude. I won’t leave the offer sheet open anymore, to avoid this in the future, but I take this as unacceptable.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Plus, I just needed another 4 new words to no longer being called rookie, so this is extra annoying. :roll_eyes:
At least, I won’t lose my streak, since in ten hours it will be 8 am, so that’s okay, or at least should be. :sweat_smile:

Please try to fix this error; I hope it’s not one that’s not (easily) reproduceable!:thinking:

I’ll look if there’s something I can send to you from within the app, like a protocol or such.

I just sent you feedback from within the app, i.e. by tapping on “Contact Us” in the help section.

Hey @UprightBassist,

So sorry for the late response here!

As I can see you have sent multiple messages from the app; we’ll investigate what might happened, and will follow up with you, as soon as there is news on our end.

We appreciate your patience!


@ The Drops Support Team