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Dojo does not work in Japanese version for the IPAD

Hi there,

I paid some extra money to get the Dojo function for my Japanese course. But it seems to be disfunctional.
If I want to start the Dojo, it requests for e.g. 6 additional words to learn. After having learned those, it requests for another e.g. 10 additional word to learn and so on. Until know I was never allowed to start the Dojo. This is really annoying in particular there has been some similar complaints in 2018! So, please ask your software team to get this bug fixed (IOS 12.3).



Thanks for playing Drops @Frank_Sudhoelter!

You need 50 words to unlock the Dojo. Japanese Katakana and Hiragana do not count as words for the Dojo. If you have more than 50 words learned besides the characters, and the Dojo is still unlocked, please message us from the app’s Help section, so we can investigate and troubleshoot!