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Do not use romanization!

I am still evaluating Drops, but very concerned about the use of romanized versions of phrases and words for languages with non-English alphabets or scripts. This is heavily discouraged by most language teachers, as it both delays the absolutely-necessary acquisition of the language’s written form and usually teaches quite incorrect pronunciation. This is certainly true of Korean, the language I am learning.

Can you add a way to control this in Drops, so that, for example, it ONLY uses Hangul for Korean training, including all the spelling drills?

Another suggestion: provide an alternative ordering of vocab blocks based on frequency of use. Again, this is commonly-recommended by language trainers - to acquire vocab not by topic or subject area, but to mix topics across an ordering that gets the learner up and going on the most-important words to learn first.



Hi John,

Thanks for playing Drops, and sending us constructive feedback!

We can’t give you a time estimate when refinements will be introduced, but we constantly work hard on improving and expanding the app and the content, so please stay tuned!

We’ll discuss your suggestion regarding the ability to control romanized aid in training, and word frequency, and we’ll see what we can do.


@ The Drops Support Team

@John_Wainwright There’s a workaround for this which is to set your language to Korean in settings.

Unfortunately this is not possible in Scripts yet. I’m using “Korean Letters Pro” for the time being.