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Discrimination in portrayal of verbs


At first I have to say that you did a great job with the pictures portraying vocabulary. However one picture made me angry. While people representing verbs I learned so far are male or gender neutral, the person who cooks is wearing a dress. I would like to kindly ask you to revisit this discriminating issue.


No, it is a neutral person, wearing a cooks dress.


I agree with Sarah. Look at the job pictures: so far, the only women I’ve seen are the secretary, nurse, and gardener. Every other job is male or neutral.


Pretty sure it’s an april, not a dress


Hi @Sarah_Lindner,
Hi @SinnieH,

Thanks for playing Drops, and sharing your thoughts with us!

We definitely have no intention to be discriminative, offensive or sexist with any of the illustrations.

The cook is supposed to be wearing a gender neutral chef’s uniform with an apron, as @axantas and @Blair_Venge say:

something like this:

We’re sorry that this one did not work out well. We constantly try to polish and improve the content, including the illustrations, please stay tuned!


@ The Drops Support Team


I think, she talks about “i am cooking”. This is more abstract.
But this cook here: In English the word is used for both female and male. Im German there is die Köchin and der Koch. So, what to do with the person itself…

It is about learning languages…


Oh, I see @axantas, thanks for the clarification!

The “I cook” illustration can be seen chef uniform from the side in my opinion, but I can totally understand the point, and the issue.

The der Koch vs die Köchin problem is something more complicated (and even more understandable to be upset about), but we keep working on content improvements, from this aspect too! Please, stay tuned!


@ The Drops Support Team