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Disappointed in customer service

I’ve got to say, I’m quite disappointed at the customer service on these threads.

There are errors that were posted about months ago and still haven’t been addressed. Considering I and many other people pay for a premium subscription to the app, I would expect these problems to be addressed and fixed quickly.

The fact that their are so many errors makes me lose confidence in what I’m learning which is a big problem considering that I’m paying for what’s supposed to be a premium service.

Here are a few errors:

  1. In the Drinks Tab: “Eu Deito” means “I lie down” but in the app it says it means “I pour”.
  2. In the Fruits tab the word pineapple is listed as Abaxaci (which is the Brazilian word). The European word for pineapple is Ananas.
  3. In the Numbers and More Numbers Tabs, the numbers 13 - 19 are missing which leaves a big gap in learning to count.
  4. In the health section:
    a) “o medicamento” Is spoken with Brazilian pronunciation.
    b) “a dor de dentes” is spoken with Brazilian pronunciation.

The mix up between Brazillian and European dialects is quite frustrating since the whole reason I chose Drops is because it has a European option. I’m sure there are more mistakes that I haven’t found yet. The mistakes aren’t the real issue. The issue is that they should be fixed whenever they’re discovered.

I really love the format of the app. It’s by far my favourite language learning tool. But I do find it quite frustrating that I can’t completely trust what I’m learning despite paying for the service.


You’re not alone, Greg! One attraction of Drops, besides the general approach and interface, is that so many languages are available. But it became clear to me pretty quickly* that, rather than spending months or years working with experts to put together and check the material for each language, they just ran a load of languages through Google Translate (or something along those lines) and launched. Along the lines of what you said, I think the benefits for language learners of having something rather than nothing are quite large, so that approach is defensible…as long as ongoing improvements are made.

I became really concerned when I tried out Cantonese and found that, rather than use the actual words and expressions used by Cantonese speakers, they have in some really basic cases, like “is”, taken the Mandarin expression and transliterated it into Cantonese pronunciation. That’s what would happen if a Cantonese speaker was reading a story written in standard Chinese aloud, or singing Cantonese opera, but not when actually engaged in conversation. I think it must have been a year or so ago that I pointed this problem out, but it doesn’t appear to have been solved.

As you point out, once you find problems like this in an area where you have knowledge, your trust of the whole system is damaged. Until I read your comment, I didn’t know that abacaxi wasn’t the only Portuguese term for pineapple; no doubt I’ll have more surprises when I come to use what I’ve learned in Drops.

Maybe the key is to use Drops alongside a more conventional course just to speed up the vocabulary mastery.


My apologies. Looking back through the forum, it appears that the option to use spoken or written form in Cantonese was added a couple of months after my post. So people aware of that issue in advance and who noticed the option could learn correct spoken Cantonese.

Yeah, the app became jerky and sluggish. I pointed out a bunch of spelling errors and suggested app improvements - no follow up, still same words/translations. I became disappointed with the all after about a month of using it. Not going to renew it.


I note similar issues with Arabic. I’ve largely stopped using the app because I don’t want to be taught the wrong words. What mistakes was I taught as if they were correct? The focus seemed to be on adding as many languages as possible regardless of whether the content of the earlier ones was correct.

there also an issue with the translation of “honey”. it should be “o mel” but the app states “o melão”.
“o melão” means melon.

I have been reporting the errors through app. The “collection” tab at the bottom of the app allows the user to view all the learned words. if you select the “…” to the right of the word there’s flag icon to report issues. Not sure if you have been using the mechanism to report, but I wanted to point it out.

Thanks for playing Drops @GregVK @rickdude @usver @Aronel @bonanza1973!

Sorry for the delayed response and the frustration the errors have caused!

We have acknowledged the reported problems and our content management team keeps working hard on fixing and improving the topics with the translators and native speaker proofreaders. We do want to provide you with quality learning material and a seamless, fun experience, please stay tuned!

If you run into another problematic word, please flag it in the app!

The reports from the app now go directly to our content management team, so they immediately can see what needs their attention the most: