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Disable the help feature?

Hey all!

is there a way to disable the help in Drops?
I’m learning Korean and still need some time to read the letters.
Everytime you have to click on parts of the word Drops wants to know, the 1st part blinks after a few seconds. But this already reveals too much …


Hi Nik,

Thanks for playing Drops!

Currently there’s no option to switch off the help or set its pace to slower. We always work hard on improving the app and the content though, so stay tuned! :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team


alright :slight_smile:
maybe this feature could be added somehow, IMO it would really help to improve the language skills if there’s no hint :slight_smile:

I would also very much like this option, the app is great but i feel rushed like I don’t have enough to be to take in the language let alone a whole new alphabet.

Hope to see it eventually, keep up the good work.
Greetings from Belgium


Yeah I’d like this too. I sometimes want to repeat a word to myself a few times just because.


a lot of new features are being added
I don’t think adding a switch/button to disable the shaking syllable is too hard to do ^^

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“Switch off the help or set its pace to slower”? I especially like the idea of lengthening the delay.

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