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Different words same pictures

There were always problem with words and similar pictures. I have good visual memory. But today I have met not a few Words illustred by exactly same pictures. I’ve met them in italian at health and illness, but based on my experienced there will be the same problem at other languages, what is worse these pics give you mistakes at tests. Ie: l’influensa, bad cold etc

Sorry, there is a push message on the image, i wanted to add a new one and there were a warning:”new users can post only one image”. I am not new user

Hey András,

Sorry about the warning, that’s the community platform’s rule, not our own. Anyways, we get the point of your message, and thank you for the feedback!

I just checked the Illnesses topic in Italian, and see what you mean: “il naso che cola” and “l’influenza” are illustrated with the same image.

We constantly work on improving the content, and we’ll make sure to correct these, as soon as possible!

Keep playing and let us know if there’s anything else you would suggest us to refine!


@ The Drops Support Team

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately there are the same problem at Spanish, German, Russian ( and I guess every other languages, and not only two words or expressions)
Thanks for advance,