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Different letters for some hiragana

So far I have notice that letter ki, ko, sa is different across different sources
can someone explain this to me

В Японии две азбуки, слоги могут быть написаны хироганой или катаканой. Они разные в написании, но одинаковые в произношении. Я отвелила на Ваш вопрос? Для лучшего понимания Вашего вопроса, пожалуйста, дайте картинку примера.


To help the conversation going forward, here’s @Ekaterina’s answer in English by Google Translate:

In Japan, two alphabets, syllables can be written in hirogana or katakana. They are different in writing, but the same in pronunciation. I led to your question? For a better understanding of your question, please give an example picture.

Thanks for your help @Ekaterina!

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this is picture of ki, ko and sa
They have different hiragana letters

Thank you

Thank you for the provided pictures. Now I understand you. This is one alphabet - Hirogane. You are faced with a different variation of the outline. A full style is usually used, as in Drops, but there is also a discontinuous pattern. This is due to the peculiarity of Japanese writing, namely, the design of characters using a brush. When you draw characters with a brush, broken lines are often formed, especially at the points of transition from a straight line to semicircles. There are fonts that mimic the letter with a brush and ink. You are faced with exactly this font.