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Different apps for specific languages


I saw multiple apps on the App Store: Drops 34 languages, Drops for a particular language.
What’s the difference? And why subscription price is different?

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Hi @Yupi,

Thanks for your interest in Drops!

The app store has some limitations when it comes to searching for specific languages, so we created different apps for specific languages.

If you purchase a Premium subscription on your language specific Drops app, you will have access to all the available languages within that app. There’s no need to keep multiple Drops apps on your device.

As for the subscription prices, can you please clarify what differences you see?


@ The Drops Support Team


Drops: 699RUB\Month and 4990RUB\Year
Drops Japanese: 749RUB\Month and 5090RUB\Year


Hi @Yupi,

This mismatch is caused by the currency fluctuations and price / currency calculations by Apple and Google.

We are setting up rates of discounts and price tiers based on EUR as a baseline.

Our pricing system fits to Apple’s and Google’s policy.

Let us know if you have more questions!


@ The Drops Support Team