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"der Whirlpool" VS "der Whirlpool"

Dear @admin

I learn German with Drops.
I found a very interesting thing during a session:
der Whirlpool - pezsgőfürdő
der Whirlpool - forró fürdő

In that case, is it important which meaning belong to which picture, or it doesn’t matter?


And in the list:

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I had a similar issue with the Dutch course. “ik kook” for “I cook” and “ik kook” for “I boil”. Fortunately, those are in different topics so not usually much of an issue. They did show up together in the dojo, though, and it didn’t seem to matter which picture I matched the words too, but I could have just been lucky.

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Thanks for calling our attention to this @btimon!

We’ll make sure to refine the content as soon as possible, so confusing word / illustration pairs like this, or @Adam_Black’s example will not appear, please stay tuned!