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Definite articles in the Portuguese translation of Esperanto words

Hi there, Portuguese native here learning Esperanto vocabulary.
The translation of Esperanto words in European Portuguese adds a definite article to them, which is not correct.
For example, ‘kvinlatero’ is translated into ‘o pentágono’, adding the ‘o’ definite article for no reason, when it should be ‘pentágono’ (the word alone) or ‘um pentágono’ (with an indefinite article, since the absence of articles in Esperanto is the same as using the indefinite article, in Portuguese or in English for example).
This is happening in at least 90% of the words I have been studying so far.

Thanks for taking care of that.

Hi Filipe,

Thanks for choosing Drops to learn Esperanto! We’re sorry for any error!

We’ll definitely revisit the words, and make sure to correct them! It can take a while, but we work on it!

We appreciate your patience, and your help to make Drops better!


@ The Drops Support Team