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Curating Your Words: How to Ignore Words

Each of the word lists in Drops are given a lot of thought. We strive to choose relevant, high-frequency words for each of the topics we teach. The thing is, language learning is highly personal. This means not every word is going to be right for you.

Tailoring the words you learn to your interests and preferences is an important step towards mastering the language. That’s why we have an “ignore words” feature in Drops. If you don’t think learning “knitting”, “backpacking”; or “word processor” is right for you, you can choose to ignore these words so that you can focus on the ones that are.

So how do you Ignore Words on Drops?

Option 1: When you first see a word, you’re given the option to add it to your learned words or ignore it. If you know right away the word isn’t a good fit, just drag it up towards the ignore icon.

Option 2: If the word felt right when you first learned it, but now you know there’s a good chance you won’t need it, setting the word to ignore is easy. Navigate to the Word Collection tab and tap the icon on the right. The word will be hidden and won’t come up while you study.

How do I do the opposite? I accidentally ignored a word that I want to learn and now I don’t know how to go back to add it to my study collection.

Hi Jimmy,

You can tap on the eye icon in the word preview list, or swipe in the word in the Word Collection to “unhide”.

You can find the word preview on the bottom of the screen after you learned a word. The Word Collection (the collection of all your learned words) is available to our premium users.

Hope these tips help! Let us know if you have more questions!


@ The Drops Support Team

I don’t see the eye icon (except for when it first shows the word) but the swiping motion seemed to work for both the hiding and unhiding. Thanks for the help!

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Hi, new here. Thought I’d mention…I hid an already learned word swiping left instead of right as stated in the email tips.


Hi @MissClare,

You’re right, you need to swipe left. :wink:


@ The Drops Support Team

Another use is when certain words in a list are giving you trouble. Hide the easier words in a list so you get your harder words more frequently. Then when you’re ready you can unhide what you hid so you’re working with the whole list. You can use the same technique if you find you are overwhelmed with all the words given in a list.


I used to hide the words that I already learned, so that I could concentrate on the new ones. But now I found the hidden words do not count towards the total learned words, even though I already had a 100% score on them.

That means it takes much longer to reach the next milestone, or you can not reach it at all if you hide all learned words.

I think this is wrong and very demotivating. Words with 100% score should count towards the total.

And what if I need new words not provided with the app ?