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Concerning ad, possibly anti-Semitic

I was shown an ad in the Hebrew course for a “free Messianic Bible.” To show this ad at all is concerning, but in the Hebrew course especially it is inappropriate at best and could be considered anti-Semitic at worst. “Messianic Judaism” is a form of Christianity that attempts to convert Jews. This ad is effectively a “convert to Christianity” ad, which is obviously inappropriate in any case but especially in the Hebrew course, where the majority of people using it are most likely Jewish.

I know this may be a sensitive topic and I would have preferred to submit a report privately but I couldn’t find a place to do so, so I am using the forums. My apologies if this was not the right place to bring this up.

Hi @RoseMW,

Thanks for playing Drops, and calling our attention to this problem! We’re sorry for any frustration this issue caused!

The ads displayed in the app are mostly out of our control, but we’ll make sure to do everything we can within our limits to avoid any offensive material displayed.

We appreciate you took the time to send us feedback!


@ The Drops Support Team

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