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Changed words - confusing app

I started with drops a few weeks ago with Spanish and it was teaching me the following words:

El tocino
El maní.

For some reason it has changed to

El beicon And
El cacahuete.

What happened? How do I make sure I am learning the right ones? I checked and am definitely still doing the Castilian Spanish one.

Yes I noticed the same thing. How are we sure we’re learning the correct words? Bacon and peanuts shouldn’t have different translations each time we log in. I just started using drops and initially I liked the app but I want to learn the language correctly. Can an administrator respond to this problem??

Hi @Tom_J_Randle,
Hi @Gaza,

Thanks for choosing Drops to learn languages!

We constantly improve the content. We work with native speaker translators and proofreaders who just revised the words for specific languages, and made refinements to make the translations more accurate, up-to-date (display words that natives use daily).

We’re sorry for any confusion it may cause!

You can reset a topic in order to make sure you learn all words, by scrolling down in the Word Collection, and click on the Reset topic button.


@ The Drops Support Team

Dear drops, better to make notifications about changed words, probably suggestion to get back to the topic where it had changed. It really confuses when you see neverseen word and known pictures. And give questions - if you changed only what came to me, or something else. And the worse part is that connection in my head that already is established with the image

This explaination is really terrible.

What I have gathered from talking to my native speaker friends is that castillian Spanish had latin American words in it and you must have recently fixed it. The lack off notification and this poor explaination makes me wonder how many people are being misled by using this app? I am doing the 90 days with drops challenge with all of my Polyglot friends and all the problems with the app seem to be the topic of all our Instagram shares.

Agreed. I am very disappointed from this response. It didn´t explain why the same picture has 2 different translations. El tocino or el beicon. Is one word Castilian Spanish and one Latin American? Why are both appearing and has this problem been fixed? More importantly, how many other cases does this occur in this app? So far I have had other mates notice problems as well. At this point, and given the lack of a proper explanation by the administrators, I may have to delete this app and use a different one. If you can´t trust the accuracy of translations in a language app, what use is it of in reality? If I am taking the time to study a language I want to be assured that I am learning it correctly.

Hi @Maria_Fadeeva,
Hi @Tom_J_Randle,
Hi @Gaza,

I sincerely apologize for the frustration that the changes, and the response here caused.

Unfortunately, there were mixups in the translations for Spanish (Castilian) and Spanish (Latin-American) in our courses. We have worked hard on fixing these with native speakers, to provide you all with proper learning material.

El tocino is used for bacon in Latin-American Spanish, while el beicon is used for bacon in Castilian Spanish.

El maní is used for peanut in certain parts of Latin-America, but the Latin-American Spanish we teach and got revised uses el cacahuete, the same word that is used for peanut in Castilian Spanish.

There have been such changes for the better in multiple topics. We had definitely no intention to confuse or drive you who learn with us mad. We have placed a popup message to the app that notifies you about the updates:

“We are dedicated to providing you with the most well-curated content. Our latest update includes new, more accurate translations. Happy learning!”

We appreciate you took the time to share your thoughts, and valid concerns regarding this! Your feedback helped us to trigger improvements in our communication about crucial refinements as well.

Again, we’re really sorry!

@ The Drops Support Team

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