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Cantonese - Essentials - Errors

Hello, first of all I would just like to say thank you for creating such an amazing app for learning Cantonese (& other languages). I think it’s especially useful for overseas Chinese like myself who may know a slew of spoken words but have little to no formal training in written Chinese. I’ve gone through the basic food topic and some essentials so far which have mostly been error-free except for the following:

Yes (should be 係) 系

No (should be 唔係) 晤系

These corrections are corroborated from various Cantonese learning websites such as cantonesepod101 and my own experiences chatting with native speakers over social media such as Facebook and line.

I realize that the recordings are still spot on for these words (and the rest!) so please do not see this as a major complaint! I am an enthusiastic supporter of this app and the massive educational potential it has for the language learning community.

Thank you and cheers!

Hi Jason,

Thanks for playing Drops, and sending us such a nice feedback! Your kind words just made our day! :slight_smile:

We appreciate you took the time to call our attention to these errors! It might takes a while, unfortunately, but we’ll definitely double check the words, and make sure to correct them, as soon as possible!

Again, thank you for learning with us and helping us to make Drops even better!


@ The Drops Support Team