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Can’t restore my purchase


Hello. I reinstalled the program and now I can not restore my purchase.
I did not have an account registered.
there is a confirmed payment of Japanese for life.
I can send a check.
payment was on 05.08.18


Hi Oksana,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

Can you please try to follow these steps?

  • Log in to your device with the same Apple / Google ID you made your purchase with.
  • Log in (with Facebook or Google) to the Drops app you made your purchase in.
  • Tap on Restore purchase in the app’s Profile menu.

If you still have trouble, please send us a message from the app’s Help section, attach the receipt of your purchase from Apple or Google, and we’ll assist you further!


@ The Drops Support Team


Hi Gina.
I went through Facebook,
restored the purchase.
The inscription read: I’ve got you purchases

And then everything was stuck, never renewed.
I enclose a check for payment on e-mail.


Hi Oksana,

Thanks for sending us the receipt via email! If that’s possible, it would be best if you sent us attached to a message from the app’s Help section!

We appreciate your cooperation and patience on this!


@ The Drops Support Team


Sorry, but attached by russian

НОМЕР ДОКУМЕНТА 195220686059
App Store
Изучайте Японский – Drops, Неограниченное время Изучайте Японский – Drops, Неограниченное время
Встроенная покупка
iPhone (Оксана)
2 390 руб. Включает НДС в размере 18%
ИТОГО 2 390 руб.


Hi again, Oksana,

As per your information you shared above, you bought the subscription in Drops Japanese. Are you trying to restore your purchase in that language specific app? Please, try to log in Drops Japanese and tap Restore purchase there.

We created specific language apps because the app store has limitation in terms of search for specific languages. You will get all the premium benefits for all the languages if you select any other language within the Drops app of a specific language.

If you still have trouble with your subscription, please send us a message directly from the app’s Help section!


@ The Drops Support Team



Thank you so much.
Everything is synchronized and working.
You have the best Japanese application.

Thank you very much for your help.


You’re most welcome, Oksana!

I’m really happy we figured this out together, and now everything is working as expected! :slight_smile:

Keep playing and let us know if there’s anything you would suggest us to improve on!

Have a wonderful day!


@ The Drops Support Team

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