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Bought a premium account, but do not work


I bought a premium account for a year yesterday, but nothing happened. I got the notice that the money has been transferred and in Apple Buy I also can see my purchase, but there is no change in the application. It still tells me to buy the premium version and I still can’t see all of the categories and have only 5 minutes still. I made a ticket about this in the application, but no one answered yet.

Please, help me!

Hi @zavarne,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

As we recommend in this topic

please, try to log out of the application, and log back in again. Also, make sure you are logged in with the same Apple / Google ID you made your purchase with. Then tap Restore purchase in the Profile menu!

If you still have trouble with your subscription, please send us the receipt you received from Apple / Google in a message from the app’s Help section.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation!


@ The Drops Support Team

Ok, thank you. I think the problem will be that I am not logged in. What Should I log in with? With my Apple ID or with my Drops account.

What should I do after logging in?

Thank you,

Hi Zita,

You need to log in to your device with your Apple ID,
and to Drops with your Drops account (on the page you sent the screenshot of).

When you log in, go to the Profile menu, and tap Restore purchase.

Hope it helps!


@ The Drops Support Team