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Better idea to this app for all Languages

Sometimes we will meet some vocabulary
we already learn, maybe can add a new area
to let us can put some already learn vocabulary
in there and we can avoid to meet it again.

Hi @Mrxmeow,

Thanks for playing Drops and sharing your thoughts with us!

If you see a word you already know, you can hide it by swiping up when the word gets introduced.

Is that the feature you are looking for? If not, please explain further, so we can understand your idea properly!


@ The Drops Support Team

Yes, he means that, plus he is suggesting you to let us make and add our personal sets of words, like adding some Dutch medical words by ourselves.

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I really wish this option existed, too. I already know quite a few words. Hiding them helps, but it’s annoying because the hidden words don’t count towards your known words. Sure… milestones and the number up top aren’t really important (as far as I know), but it would fell nice if it showed the number of words I know instead of the number I’m currently learning.

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