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Backpacker: translation is strange and spelling by choosing a path doesn't work correctly

All my Thai friends tell me that they would use นักท่องเที่ยว or แบ็คแพ็ค for backpacker but never both together.

And why does the green path work but not the red one?

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You’re probably not going to get an answer. Drops Admin hasn’t responded to a Thai language question since mid-December. I suspect they have no Thai speakers on staff, so they have no idea what most of our posts mean. They probably hired a consultant to work up the Thai language model. That consultant departed leaving behind the rather nasty mess that we’re left with. It won’t get fixed until they hire another Thai language speaker to clean things up. We can only hope that they hire someone who is forthright and honest with them about the silliness of the vocabulary, the weirdness of the Thai character names and the errors in the quizzes where with two identical choices one is “right” and one is “wrong”.

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