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Arabic Grammar - Suggestions?

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on good Arabic grammar-learning apps or companies that make affordable and accessible grammar-learning resources for the Arabic language.

I’ve been using the Mondly app for Arabic grammar. There you can get one daily free lesson and it helps you put together sentences and conjugate. It’s not great for teaching vocabulary, so that’s why I use it in conjunction with this Drops app :slight_smile:
Busuu is another ok one for grammar.


Is premium worth it? I just went through the free day 1 stuff. I use the same name there if you want to be learning buddies.

Premium on Mondly is only worth it for about a month because all the extra excercises in Premium can be completed in a few weeks.
It is well worth Premium on Busuu though. They have sales often, which makes it only $35 a year. I really like it and set it to auto-renew. Premium unlocks the best feature, Conversations. There you can post the written or spoken (recorded) answers to your exercises and get corrected by native speakers. Often these will turn into interesting off topic conversations where you can get some insight into the people and culture. I also enjoy helping the people who are learning English, especially the Syrian refugees. There are really heart-warming moments, like when one of them posts a recording of them singing in English with their children. I can see their rapid progress as time goes on, and it makes me feel good that I am able to help.
Busuu at one point have free Premium access to the refugees, which I find admirable. I have received friend requests from about 300 Arabs on there so far. Most of them seem to be from Syria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. That leaves a lot of opportunity to meet and befriend Arabs from multiple countries, and ask questions about how to say things in their dialect instead of MSA.
In return, I get loads of rapid responses when I post excercises to be corrected. Everyone on there is so friendly (even when I’m butchering the Arabic pronunciation on my spoken excercises ^_^). It also unlocks the extra grammar lessons.
Honestly, the lessons leading up to the excercies are a bit too short for me. That’s why I use it together with other sources (Drops and Mondly).


What an insightful and inspiring comment @Ayla, thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:


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