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App or web for translators

It would be great if you’d accept translators/contributors who are experts in a language and could help you improving the app content:
-Creating more languages
-Adding more words
-Correcting mistakes

So my suggestion is to create an app or a web for anyone who could help you improving the app content

Thanks for playing Drops and sharing your idea @Luis_Rubio, we really appreciate it!

Adding more languages and words, and perfecting the current content are all important for us.

We constantly work hard on improving and expanding the app and the content, and refining our processes to provide a seamless, fun experience, so please stay tuned!

If we open a platform for contributors, we’ll definitely announce it here.

I think your app works and I have enjoyed it every day since I downloaded it. Thanks for the creation and hard work of your staff for making it fun and beautiful.

I would be happy to contribute to your Cantonese section as I really want to promote Cantonese, which is not only Hong Kong’s but also Chinese’s cultural heritage.

I speak and am proficient in a few other languages. I have also taught Cantonese to Japanese students.

Just let me know how I could help improve the content accuracy and the experience of your Cantonese learners.

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Thanks @Dennis, we really appreciate the kind words and the offer.

I’m passing your message to our content team, and if contributing will be possible in the future, especially for the Cantonese language, they’ll get in touch!