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Any special offers on lifetime subscription?

I’m loving the app so far. A few complaints but just a few.
I’m very interested in a subscription, but before I choose annual recurring and save 40% with promotion, are there any special offers on lifetime? Thank you

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Hi @Raphael_Gluck,

Thanks for playing Drops!

Currently there’s a reduced price deal for the yearly subscription only, no discount for the Lifetime plan at the moment.


@ The Drops Support Team

I would also be interested in a promotional discount of the lifetime subscription. I would like to support further expansion of Drops, but I think the idea of ‘lifetime’ in an application is a bit strange. We all aim to have long-term relationships, but four years is a long time in the world of computer/handheld applications.
Just so you understand me: I donate to Khan Academy and Wikipedia, and I have only bought ONE application in my life. Drops is the one.

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