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Android, Turkey Region, Wrong Pricing

I’m situated in Turkey, and I believe there’s a problem with the pricing in this region. Even though I’m offered a 40% discount for the yearly subscription, it only goes down from 19.17 Turkish Liras per month to 18.33 TL, while it should be 11.5 TL.

Hi @Steppenwolf,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

We’ll investigate it with the team asap.


@ The Drops Support Team

When do you think the issue will be fixed? I’m considering making a purchase at the 11.5 TL per month price point.

I have the same question. Discount says it is 40% but it is certainly not.
Is it possible to provide us with a 40% discount in Turkish lira?


Thanks for playing Drops @Ilker_Kalender! We’ve been aware of this issue, and working on finding a solution. We can’t give you a time estimate refinements will be introduced, but we constantly work hard on improving the app, so please stay tuned!